Herbs 🌿

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Herbs you can use with your medical Marijuana or alone. You will receive a tea bag full.

Eucalyptus- treat colds, improve the immune system, alleviate sore throats, and reduce stress. Users of this herb should vape at exactly 130°C or 266°F.

Damiana- when smoked calming properties and also for its ability to produce a mild high that could
best be compared to marijuana. Damiana should be heated at 175°C or 347°F.

benefits: strengthens the immune system , has antidepressants properties , help treat sexual disorders , balance hormones , UTI & more.

Arnica flower - antinflamatory, improves circulation and known as the tobacco of herbs from the Native Americans

Dream works blend: mullien, rose, damiana, lemon balm, tulsi. Great to mix with medical marijuana or by its self!