Organic Herbal loose tea

$2.00 - $40.00

All of our tea is caffeine free and kosher certified

In order of pics( pineapple papaya green tea, ginger orange peach ,winter blend, earl grey tea and ginger tea )

The sample pack is 2 of each tea!

winter blend : Black tea ,orange peel, cinnamon chips, apple pieces, rose petals, with fruit and spice flavoring

Earl grey: black tea, cornflower petals and bergamot flavor

Ginger tea: ginger root

Green tea: green tea

Ginger orange 🍊 peach tea (organic ingredients): Green tea, marigold flowers,peach pieces,ginger root &natural flavoring

Mango Tea: black tea, mango flavoring -Contains vitamins A,B and C,Helps control blood sugar levels &hypertension by removing blocks in blood.

Pineapple papaya green tea:Sencha green tea, pineapple pieces, cornflower petals, and fruit flavoring.